A Kid In Her Lap And A Tablet In Her Other Hand, Meet The ‘Tablet Didis’

These Women Never used a Cellphone even and now they are Tablets


Source: JSLPS

When a Women Decide, She makes a mountain move- A kid in her lap and tablet in her another hand and Now She is able to manage everything.

These women are the tablet Didi of Jharkhand. These rural women who never ever touched a cellphone are now operating tablets.

A Large number of Women from villages across Jharkhand are now using tablets to record financial activities of their Self help groups (SHGs).

Now tablet become identity of these rural women, they are known as Tablet didi in their villages and nearby areas. Uma, one of the tablet didi said “Once this tablet, which was like a wonder to me, is now my strength.

Now, I am the“Tablet didi” of my village”. These rural women are from remotest villages of jharkhand, they are change makers. First they came out of abject poverty after joing SHG under Livelihood Mission and now they are working for poverty alleviation in jharkhand.

Role of these tablet didis are very important they are capturing data and transactions of each meeting of SHGs. Due to ground work of tablet didi, anyone can check the details of any SHG Meeting of any remotest villages of jharkhand on real time.

They are earning through this and most of the women are bread earner of their own family. This is a powerful step towards digitization seeking to alleviate poverty, encourage economic and social growth and perceived’ Digital divide’.

This initiative is not only bringing a change in the society but also helping rural poor women to cater new skills and capacities which will allow them to create many more avenues for their livelihood.

Tablet didis are enabling women to dream with smile and working towards fulfilling the mission of Digital India.


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